The Major Players

Chaos, and the Power of Hope

Argentina – The eyes of the world bear witness to crippling economic inflation, massive corruption, and government sanctioned violence as the nation prepares to host the 1978 World Cup of football.

Speculation is rampant that major stadium facilities and international broadcast technology will not be ready in time, forcing the tournament to be moved to their hated neighbor Brazil.

Millions of Argentines desperately hope for a miracle.


Since winning the World Cup at home in 1966, English football has eroded to the point where it’s team has failed to qualify for the last two tournaments. For the nation that considers itself the godfather of football, this is nothing short of a national disaster.

Nevertheless, in a musty boardroom above the docks of east London, a decision is made by two individuals hoping that a trip to Argentina will change the face of English soccer forever.

Renaldo De Seta

An eighteen year old soccer prodigy who saves the life of influence lawyer, Astor Gordero. As a reward for his heroics, Renaldo is given a tryout with Argentina’s World Cup soccer team. Renaldo hopefully accepts this challenge, and swears to fulfill an oath to his late father.

Astor Gordero – ‘The Fat Man”

Powerful, ruthless, and intimately connected to the ruling elite of the nation, Gordero is hopeful that through his relationship with young Renaldo, he will not only bring Argentina a world championship, but also gain access to the De Seta financial empire.

Simone Yvonne Montana Carta-Aqua

‘ Symca’ is Argentina’s reigning pop idol, a client of Astor Gordero, and the object of Renaldo’s pent-up lust. Their romantic relationship evolves to the point that they both have hopes that their love affair can be consummated.

Lonfranco De Seta

Renaldo’s twenty-two year old brother ‘Lonnie’ has grown up angry, restless and vulnerable, despite his social standing and reputation as a lady’s man. His life seems hopeless until he falls in love with his bewitchingly outspoken tutorial instructor.

Celeste Lavalle

A Montonero terrorist stationed in Buenos Aires as a teacher, hoping to manipulate wealthy, discontented students. She casts an erotic spell over Lonnie, conscripting him into her family run cadre of saboteurs and assassins.

Sir Reginald Russell

English aristocrat, Royal Marine, decorated World War Two hero, and chairman of the newly promoted Canary Wharf Football Club of London. It is his hope that a secret trip to Argentina during the World Cup will allow him to procure the talent necessary to keep the Canaries respectable in the Football Association first division.

Mallory Russell

Sir Reginald’s shrewd and beautiful daughter, she is the real brains behind the Canary Wharf resurgence. Once she lays eyes on Renaldo’s abundant talent and poster-boy good looks, she hopes to have this beautiful specimen for her football team, and her bed!