World Cup, Allez Les Bleus!

Jul 16, 2018 Renaldo World Cup

Le Coq Gaulois can crow the loudest of them all now, for they are the champions! The Wile E. Coyotes played their hearts out but the soccer Gods did not shine on them that day. What a majestic, fabulous month of football. If you are going through W.C. withdrawal, may...


World Cup, Then There Were Two

Jul 13, 2018 Renaldo World Cup

After 63 matches and weeks of riveting drama, it all comes down to France and Croatia. France is the deserving favourite because they have played brilliant soccer with an eclectic cast of characters that are a joy to watch. But Croatia brings their passion and lion-heartedness, a never say die...


World Cup, Two Will Go Through

Jul 10, 2018 World Cup

So now we have our Final Four, to use a March Madness basketball epithet. Belgium against France. This will be an offensive barn-burner with so much speed and talent on the pitch. From the keeper out neither team has a real advantage so Lady Luck and the referee might be...


World Cup, Then There Were Four

Jul 08, 2018 World Cup

“Vikings Mauled By Three Lions” would be an apt sports-page headline after what occurred in Samara Saturday. Spectacular goal keeping by Jordan Pickford along with his great distribution made him the man of the match. The red shirts non-stop offensive thrust  kept the men in yellow on their heals most...


World Cup, Elite Eight

Jul 05, 2018 World Cup

Some thoughts and predictions on the eve of the quarter finals. France vs. Uruguay The last time France lost to a South American team was in Argentina 1978 to the host side. This will be a tight but highly offensive battle. I picked France to win it all weeks ago,...


World Cup, The Round of 16.

Jul 03, 2018 World Cup

Thrills, chills and spills. Four days in football paradise. Thrills for the fans and the winners. Chills for the losers. Spills for the fallen foot soldiers and the trainers with their magic aerosol spray. June 30th. Lionel Messi is the first Golden Boot winner to leave the tournament, followed a...


World Cup, Two Weeks In

Jun 30, 2018 World Cup

  Germany weeps, Argentina wonders, and friendly is as friendly does. The World Cup champs have sent themselves home, Argentina found a way to fight another day, and the fair play rule was used for the first time in history to give Japan a seat at the round of sixteen...


World Cup, One Week In.

Jun 30, 2018 Renaldo

Some Thoughts From A Guy Whose Team Isn’t. It’s wonderful to have nobody and everybody to cheer for during the month of World Cup games. Life goes on, I don’t lose any sleep and if I miss a game I want to watch I can record it. Trouble is, I...

For My American Soccer Friends

Jun 15, 2018 World Cup

Distraught the U.S. isn’t in the World Cup?  Try Being Canadian! A Roadmap to Picking a Team During the Games in Russia Having been riveted to every World Cup tournament for the last fifty years, I was shocked and saddened that a perfect storm of events would keep the United...