World Cup, Elite Eight

Jul 05, 2018 World Cup


Some thoughts and predictions on the eve of the quarter finals.

France vs. Uruguay

The last time France lost to a South American team was in Argentina 1978 to the host side.

This will be a tight but highly offensive battle.

I picked France to win it all weeks ago, so I have to stick with Les Bleus, 3-2

Brazil vs. Belgium

Both teams are explosive. I tend to favour Brazil’s defenders over Belgium’s but Belgium has the better keeper in my mind.

I pick the Samba Kings 2-1

England vs. Sweden

The Swedes are tough but uncreative offensively from how I witnessed them perform against Switzerland.

Nevertheless, England will need dazzling goaltending from young Pickford to go through.

Three Lions 3, Vikings 1

Russia vs. Croatia.

There is centuries of history and hatred between these two races and it very well could be displayed on the pitch.

Russia being here is the surprise of the tournament and they will be cheered on my a frenzied crowd.

The Croats have finesse and stealth on their side if they  can shake off the Bear.

Croatia 3 Russia 2

Can’t wait to get on with it!