World Cup, Two Will Go Through

Jul 10, 2018 World Cup


So now we have our Final Four, to use a March Madness basketball epithet.

Belgium against France.

This will be an offensive barn-burner with so much speed and talent on the pitch.

From the keeper out neither team has a real advantage so Lady Luck and the referee might be the determining factors.

Since 1990, every team that has beaten Brazil to get to the semis has gone on to play in the final match, so if this holds true Belgium would be the winner.

However, the odds makers like France to take it all.

So who will get the chance to stand on the podium and raise the golden orb?

I love watching Belgium play, but France has been my pick and I’m sticking with them.

France 3, Belgium 2.

England against Croatia.

Both teams have played inspired football going up against physical opponents, Sweden and Russia, in their quarter finals.

The Vatreni had the tougher row to hoe beating the host county on penalty kicks with their keeper Subasic playing on a sore leg, but they prevailed with the usual grit and finesse.

England has been, without a doubt, the surprise of the tournament, getting better every game. The cast of supporting characters like Harry Macquire and Jordan Henderson have been top notch while superstar Harry Kane plies his goal scoring trade.

Both teams have excellent midfields, which is the engine that drives the machine and both teams can score, so it will come down to a battle of the keepers, Jordan Pickford and Danuel Subasic.

Each have had spectacular games and shoot out victories. (2 for Subasic) so again Lady Luck might once again deliver the verdict.

Or give them pistols at ten paces to settle who takes the next step.

I came across a video of the Croatian team in their training facility about to enjoy a meal.

All the players were dressed in black mock-turtlenecks and matching slacks.

They started to sing Moja domovina, My Homeland, a song of patriotism and unity that was first written and sung during Croatia’s war of independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Several men stood on tables and their passionate vocals were something to see. Real team unity.

While my heart is with England, my mind is with those stout Croats.

Croatia 2, England 1.